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Padmabhushan Justice Dr. Chadnrashekhar Dharmadhikari

Dr. Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari has been a judge of impeccable moral character, and is a staunch and steadfast Gandhian, both in equal measure. In both the roles, he has been uncompromising in his belief and value systems.

Justice Dharmadhikari is a living icon of Gandhian values. He has emulated Gandhian thoughts and actions in every walk of his life, may it be on the social, economic, political, legislative or religious-spiritual fronts.

At a time when Gandhiji is thought to be inconsequential to the present global situation by a section of opinion makers, the iconic presence of the likes of Dr. Darmadhikari helps in building a counter opinion that it is only by following Gandhiji’s prophesies that a better, sustainable and equitable world can be rebuilt.

Gandhiji’s legacy is without age. Such traditions don’t become irrelevant with the passage of time. Gandhiji is as dead as Buddha or Mahavir. Patriarchs like Dr. Dharmadhikari add conviction to this notion.

Founder Trustee

Padmashree Dr. Bhavarlal H. Jain

Dr. Bhavarlal H. Jain is a ‘small-town boy’ by his modest admission, a pioneering first-generation entrepreneur with many firsts of far-reaching consequences to his credit, in actuality. He is popularly known by the fond and revered ’salutation’ of Bhau, meaning brother in Marathi. His life and work are dedicated to three terms; land, library and laboratory. Practically all the activities of Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, of which Bhau is the Founder Chairman, revolve around farm, farmer and farming they are the world leaders in micro irrigation systems, to site just one illustrious example. Bhau is an avid and voracious reader and thinker, as well as an accomplished author. And Bhau is committed to produce and utilise world-class, cutting-edge research for his products and services, which are habitually of highest quality.

Born to farmer parents of meagre means, Bhau’s persona and character are innately Indian. His ‘Indianness’ is nurtured and enriched by Gandhian value system, which dwells at its core. More importantly, Bhau is a practising Gandhian; his following of Gandhian ideals resonate more in his activities than his expressions.

Gandhi Research Foundation is his latest, and perhaps his most cherished philanthropic initiative in the Gandhian mould. He wants to ‘preserve for posterity’ Gandhian ideals through this Foundation. Bhau means business; he has built the Foundation to last at least 300 years.


Shri Ashok B. Jain

Shri Ashok B. Jain is a businessman with a lion’s heart and an eagle’s mind and vision. It is not for nothing that the agile and alert eagle finds a place of pride in the national symbol of the US, as also that of Napoleon, Caesar, and other great leaders. As Vice Chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, he bears all the leadership and visionary qualities of an eagle to take the company to newer heights.

Ashok Bhau, as he is popularly known in his wide circle, joined the management in 1982 and was in charge of marketing and extension services of Maharashtra and other states. He was elevated to the position of Director in 1993, and took charge of corporate administration,

corporate image and relationships building, events management, personnel and HR, communication, PR, art and publicity. Additionally, Ashok Bhau also serves as Commercial Chief of the company’s food processing division.

Ashok Bhau’s dedicated and selfless services to the Foundation will add zeal and vigour in all its endeavours. The Foundation will also depend on his vision for strategy formation and execution of present and future initiatives.


Shri Devendra R. Mehta

Shri Devendra R. Mehta is a multi-faceted pioneering personality, an institution unto himself. An IAS officer of the 1961 batch of Indian civil services, he has held several vital tenures of national and international importance. These include the positions of Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Director General of Foreign Trade, Additional Secretary, Banking, Ministry of Finance, and Chairman, Securities and Exchange Board of India. Shri Mehta’s distinguished academic background include studies at the Royal Institute of Public Administration, London, and at the Sloan School of Management, MIT, Boston.

It would not be inappropriate to say that Shri Mehta is a financial wizard. He, however, is also a dedicated philanthropist who initiated several farsighted, ambitious activities. His single largest contribution to the society is the establishment of Bhagvan Mahavir Viklang Sahayta Samiti. It is one of the world’s leading limb-rehabilitation centres, renowned for the ’Jaipur Foot’ technology. It provides artificial limbs that are so efficient that they restore near-normalcy in all daily activities of affected people, thus helping them live a life of dignity and self-reliance.

His trusteeship of the Foundation is valued by one and all. The institute is bound to draw deeply from his wide circle of internationally renowned scholars and thinkers, his wide-ranging experience of over five decades, and his impeccable leadership trait.


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