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The PG Diploma in Sustainable Rural Reconstruction (PGDSRR) is a program for developing leadership skills. In this one-year residential training (July - June), students are equipped with basic knowledge about sustainability, equitable development, their systemic and structural methodology, setting up stakeholder organizations, community leadership models etc., defined by Gandhian perspectives. In this applied training program, students are exposed to real life situations in select villages; their task is to assess the field situation, conceptualize a development response, design pertinent projects and execute them with pro-people objectives. On successful completion of the program, candidates are awarded a “Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Reconstruction”. The GRF offers scholarships to deserving candidates to cover their living cost. In addition, a Stipend is available for the six-month rural internship that forms part of the PGDSRR. Job placement is offered to eligible candidates in the extension wings of GRF. Graduates with two years of social-work experience or postgraduates (from any discipline) are eligible to apply.

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A Winter School in Nonviolence and Peace is an annually held international training session. This week-long program investigates the conceptual framework of nonviolence, peace and conflict, with the aim of re-envisioning socially and ecologically viable life. Taught by leading scholars and practitioners of Gandhi’s Sarvodaya (welfare-of-all) philosophy, this interactive workshop helps the participants formulate symbiotic perspectives to deal with the challenges and controversies confronting global society. The course includes meditative sessions of yoga, experiential sessions with a Peace Walk, observational sessions with Bird Watching, and interactive sharing sessions with participants’ personal testimony of peace experience. Students, peace activists, human rights’ advocates and anyone interested in learning the art of peaceful and harmonious coexistence can apply.

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A Conflict Transformation Workshop: Human experience suggests that every conflict can be converted into creative experience. This program offers an optimized approach to conflict in professional and personal life. Periodically held as a three-day (18 hrs.) workshop, it helps the participants to understand the basics of conflict, to diagnose the causes and design a proactive response. In addition, it equips the participants with a number of tools, techniques and methods that enable the participants to transform their conflict into a creative experience. Through a series of participatory games and exercises the workshop introduces about a hundred concepts in six 3 hr. sessions. This training is offered to professionals, teachers, community leaders, businessmen, senior students and homemakers. The workshop can be attended both online as well as on campus.

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A Peace Building Workshop:  Peace is created in the minds of and constructed between people. This workshop helps the participants understand the concept, condition and constitution of peace and the different ways by which peace is built and maintained between individuals, families and communities, in their social, economic, political and ecological living. This two day, periodically held, interactive workshop uses participatory games and exercises to equip the participants with a number of tools and techniques that can help them instill peace in their families and communities. Anyone interested in establishing peace in society can apply.

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A Stress Management Training is another periodically held six-session online course that offers, through a series of exercises, a holistic understanding of stress, its causes and how an individual can control it. Conducted by experienced facilitators, the course introduces optimized methods of handling stress occurrences effectively, both in personal and professional situations. Professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, community leaders and homemakers can apply for this program.

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A Sustainable Development Internship is offered to young professionals and community leaders dedicated to social justice and equitability. Offered for periods of one to three months, this internship is extended to young community leaders and CSR functionaries. It provides a strong conceptual foundation for understanding and establishing sustainability and development, whereby it introduces appropriate infrastructural and systemic methods of constructing equitable development in rural communities, as well as in the sectors of agriculture, watershed, sanitation, health, education and entrepreneurship. Candidates are offered board and lodging facilities at a concessional rate, while the instruction and training are free of cost.

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National Gandhian Leadership Camp: The ten-day annual Gandhian Leadership Camp aims at introducing to the young generation a culture of sustainable social order, development with justice and harmony among communities. Coinciding with the international day of nonviolence, the camp offers to the youth a unique opportunity to learn from senior leaders the art of organizing the community for sustainable living. About fifty young people are invited to participate in the camp, comprising 2-3 candidates from each of the States of India.

Facilitated by eminent scholars and activists, the camp introduces, through a series of interactive and participatory exercises, the concepts of nonviolence, peace, sustainable development, nonviolent leadership and symbiotic living. Participants are given time to share the cultural uniqueness of their respective regions as well as to articulate their views on a whole spectrum of themes such as democracy, republicanism, sustainability, gender justice, equality, freedom and the Constitution.

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Research Fellowship Program:  The GRF, an academic institution committed to rural reconstruction, contributes towards sustainable living for India’s villages through applied research on political, economic, social, environmental and cultural issues.

Situated in rural India, near Jalgaon, the GRF’s pollution-free campus, with its verdant garden landscape and mango groves, is veritably an Arcadian idyll. With its comprehensive library and archival collections, complemented by good board and lodging facilities, the GRF provides an environment congenial for conducting intensive Gandhian research. Eligible to apply are international scholars, activists, social workers and public figures.

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Student Internship Program: The Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF), an academic institution committed to rural reconstruction, contributes towards sustainable living for India’s villages through applied research on social, economic, political, cultural and environmental issues. Situated in rural India, near Jalgaon, the GRF’s pollution-free campus, with its verdant garden landscape and mango groves, is veritably an Arcadian idyll. With its comprehensive library and archival collections as well as a multi-media Gandhi museum, complemented by good board and lodging facilities, the GRF comprises an environment congenial for student interns to participate in a wide spectrum of learning activities

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